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We offer a professional boutique service.

Olias Homes is a renowned and well-established property developers, offering a dedicated and skilled workforce, diverse range of services, and high quality properties.

To learn more about our background and company journey and growth, read our company journey below to see where it all first began, and where we are going in the future.

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Our story begins with Charis Hadjimitsis, the managing director and founder of Olias Homes. With his extensive knowledge of the property market in Cyprus and his experience as a qualified civil engineer, he developed a clear vision to break away from the traditional method of constructing properties with standard finishes. His goal was to pioneer the development of ultra-high quality properties with a cutting-edge and timeless design. In 2002, we established our first construction and development company. With our expertise, we quickly achieved a Class A construction license by building numerous commercial projects such as government buildings, hotels, supermarket chains, and even a McDonald's in Cyprus. As time passed, we expanded into developing our own developments, and we have earned an excellent reputation for delivering ultra-high quality and unique properties all over the island of Cyprus on time.

As client demands evolved, we discovered our niche in custom designing and building high-end properties in prime locations with an eye-catching, bespoke design. Olias Homes has delivered many stunning projects around Cyprus, changing the landscape as we go. We have many more projects currently under construction, and we are excited to unveil our future plans in the pipeline.

Olias Homes is a prestigious property developer and construction company based in Cyprus. We provide a boutique service, specializing in creating bespoke, custom-designed properties. Our commitment to quality is unmatched, as evidenced by our excellent reputation for developing high-end, distinctive landmark buildings that enhance the beautiful landscape of Paphos. We refuse to compromise on quality and only use the best quality, high-grade materials to ensure that every project delivered by Olias Homes meets our impeccably high company standards.

The name ‘Olias’ is derived from the Greek word ελιά, which means Olive. Olive trees have been revered for centuries, especially in Ancient Greek culture, as they symbolize peace, prosperity, health, wellness, and abundance. At Olias Homes, we have a special connection with this tree.

The Olive Branch is also known for representing victory (in ancient times, the champions of the Olympic Games were presented with an Olive Wreath as a prize). As one of the leading luxury property developers in Cyprus, we take pride in building high-quality properties that stand the test of time. The Olive Tree itself is also renowned for its longevity, and as a company, we display this longevity through our impressive track record of well-constructed properties with classic designs and quality materials, along with our exciting plans for the future.

Moreover, the Olive Tree is a gift from nature, and as a green company, we take every step to ensure that our properties are built using the most eco-friendly and durable materials while protecting their surroundings. It's natural for us to incorporate this value into our company culture and brand.

We take a fresh and innovative approach to the competitive property market in Cyprus, always striving to stay one step ahead. Combining innovative ideas, cutting-edge technology, top-of-the-range materials, and a highly skilled workforce, our mission is to design, construct, and deliver modern and contemporary properties that set new standards of excellence. Our success is measured by our impressive track record of satisfied clients and completed projects, which reflects our commitment to quality and attention to detail.

At Olias Homes, we have a wide variety of roles carefully hand-picked and selected, including engineers, construction workers, architects, interior designers, legal experts, marketers, and sales professionals.

Our team of property and construction specialists comes from diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and educational qualifications, but they share one common goal - to deliver exceptional properties that stand out for their impeccable quality, exquisite design, and real market value.

Our customers' satisfaction is the main driving force behind our success. We always go above and beyond to ensure that the service we provide exceeds their expectations every time.

What Our Clients Have to Say About Olias Homes

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A personal message from our Chairman.

“Olias Homes is a renowned and respected development and construction company in Cyprus. Time and time again we have been chosen by global investors and the Government of Cyprus, who have relied on our expertise and skills to deliver projects on time and to stringent quality specifications.

Our vision is to enhance the landscape of Cyprus. Using our eye for style, and attention to detail we create unique and eye-catching projects whilst complimenting the existing surroundings.

Our success is founded on a very simple philosophy: We honour our commitment to all of our stakeholders and make a significant contribution to the communities and the people that we serve.
We invest in our people’s future by providing them with prosperous opportunities and creating an environment that drives efficiency and productivity.”

Charis Hadjimitsis