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Cyprus is an island enriched heritage and culture. Within almost equal reach of the Levantine and Anatolian coasts, history shows that the island was a tricky one to colonise. As is the way with many islands, it allowed itself to evolve with natural influences of geology, geography, flora, fauna and its own unique attributes to eventually form its own unique identity. A notable influence can be seen from the Pharaohs of Egypt to the south, the Mesopotamian kingdoms to the east, the Hittite empire to the north and the Minoan and Mycenaean cultures of the west.
The islands wealth of history is clearly evident in the many famous archaeological sites that frequently visited by tourists and locals alike. In particular the city of Paphos, awarded Capital of Culture 2018, is home to such a vast amount of old world ruins, that is has been officially clased as a UNESCO world heritage site, and home to many famous sites such as the Tomb of the Kings, The House of Dionysus and the Paphos Mosaics, to name but a few, with a number of

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The Akamas

Famous in Greek Mythology as the place where Aphrodite met her lover Adonis, the Akamas Peninsula is located on the western tip of Cyprus, with an area coverage of around 230sqkm.It consists of breathtakingly picturesque valleys, gorges and wide sandy bays. The famous Blue Lagoon in the area makes a popular spot for visitors seeking a cool, refreshing swim. The area is heavily embedded in Greek Mythology, with many tales to tell. It is an area of great natural beauty, untouched and unaffected by development. The diversity of flora and fauna inhabiting in this area is impressive and an absolute must for nature lovers.


Lara Bay
See conservation in action with a visit to the white sands of Lara Bay; a safe haven for the Greek population of Green and Loggerhead Turtles. At the protected beach, you’ll see conservationists at work in the research centre and hatchery, where turtle eggs are looked after in a bid to boost populations. If you time your visit right, you may just witness the little hatchlings making their way back home to the sea!


Located in the centre of the island, the Troodos Mountains are the largest mountain range in Cyprus. Mount Olympus towers over the range as the highest peak in the Troodos range, and is the highest point on the island at 1,952 metres. The mountain reaches across the western side of Cyprus.
Within the impressive mountain peaks, you will find byzantine monasteries and churches, nature trails, wine trails leading to traditional wineries where you can taste the exquisite Cypriot wine, and quaint hotels and guesthouses where you can fully immerse yourself in nature.
During the winter months, a heavy blanket of snow covers the higher ground of the mountain, giving visitors to option to wrap up warm, improve skills by skiing down the varied ski slopes and round off the day with a mug of hot chocolate in front of a toasty fire.

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Cyprus is the 3rd largest island on the Mediterranean Sea and boasts over 64 blue-flag beaches. The blue flag is a certification which recognizes the environmental quality and water cleanliness of bathing sites, and Cyprus’ beaches continuously rank highly when measured against other seaside spots in Europe. In 2020, Cyprus was voted as having the cleanest bathing waters in Europe. You can find a wide variety of beautiful beaches on the island, ranging from long stretches of clear white sand popular with holidaymakers, to small coves offering privacy, peace and tranquillity.
Coral Bay
In the Paphos region, Coral bay in is a true sun-worshiper’s paradise where golden sands lay nestled within a medium-sized cove and are protected from strong currents by the
surrounding cliffs. With a wide range of umbrellas, sun loungers and
water sport options, this beach is extremely family friendly and controlled development
of the area means the resort has maintained its charm despite its popularity with tourists. With a wide range of international restaurants and bars just steps away, a bite to eat and a cool refreshing drink is always close to hand.

Local Culture

Cyprus is famed for the warmth and hospitality provided by locals. They welcome visitors from all nationalities and embrace the opportunity to give you some more information about their beautiful island and learn some more about you. Cypriots are extremely generous and enjoy being a host. They are proud to share their mouth-watering local dishes and home-cooking with all who would like to try.
Cypriots tend to speak passionately, using a louder tone and hand gestures. To a non-Greek speaker a friendly conversation might look like an argument, but don’t worry, sometimes Cypriots can sound like they are shouting even if their intention is to whisper!
‘Siga Siga’ (pronounced see-ga) is a commonly used phrase in Greek, and means ‘Slowly Slowly,’ in other words, take your time. Although punctuality may be a virtue in other cultures, typically it is not so well practised in Cyprus. Arriving 30-45 minutes late to a social engagement is not an issue here, and in fact it can be expected. But don’t worry, you will soon find yourself adjusting to the relaxed approach, and perhaps even embrace it!

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Take a deep breath of fresh sea air and absorb the views of the picturesque Cyprus coastline whilst cruising the Mediterranean ocean. With it’s calm seas, stable winds and breath-taking scenery, Cyprus is the perfect place to enjoy a day of serenity sailing on an organised boat tour, visiting many secluded coves and crystal clear lagoons that are inaccessible by land. For a special occasion or that additional touch of luxury, you can even charter a private yacht with a full crew on deck to sail at your own required leisure, or for a fun filled day out with friends rent a speedboat for the day. To take a closer look at the range of luxury yachts docked in Cyprus, why not head down to one of the many newly built harbours and marinas around the island, where tourists and locals flock to sample the local cuisine all year round.

Biking & Hiking

For a closer look at the stunning scenery, Cyprus provides the ideal terrain for keen nature explorers either by foot or by bike. For an exhilarating ride, the naturally fast flowing yet bumpy surfaces offer a wide range of cross-country biking trails and attract cyclists from all over the world to perfect their skills, or simply cycle with leisure. Those who favour a smoother ride can follow one of the many nature trails on the island by foot, leading through forests, all kinds of nature and even waterfalls.

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For the keen golfers, Cyprus provides the perfect canvas to perfect your skills. With a wide range of all year round professionally designed golf resorts on the island, including the famous and award winning Aphrodite Hills Golf Resort that was designed by acclaimed architect Cabell Robinson, there is ample opportunity for golfers ranging from beginners to professionals to enjoy a round on the 18-hole championship golf courses. Typically, the golf resorts are in beautiful settings with golf houses and restaurants that benefit from stunning scenery, giving you the chance to have a fun-filled family day out.


Cyprus is a favourite diving spot for divers from all over the world, thanks to its warm and clear sea with fantastic visibility, year-round consistent temperatures and plenty of natural underwater caves, amphitheatres, and secret tunnels to explore. It is not unusual to find yourself diving alongside a friendly sea turtle, as a result of the turtle conservation in place on the island, and with a barrage of coastal reefs showcasing the rich variety of underwater life, adventure is guaranteed. For the more experienced, Cyprus is home to a number of wreck sites including the tenth best wreck in the world, the Zenobia Wreck.

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Water Sports

For those who prefer to keep their head mostly above water, but still seek adventure in the clear seas of the Mediterranean will find licenced operators providing every water sport you can imagine, from the majority of the coastlines in Cyprus. Ranging from banana boats, tube rides, pedalos, water skiing, wakeboarding,
bodyboarding, SUP, parasailing, jet skiing, windsurfing, canoeing, and kayaking (and how much courage you have) the options are endless.


Create unforgettable memories on the beautiful island of Cyprus by taking a coastal ride on horseback whilst admiring the heavenly Cyprus sunsets. From leisurely hacks to tutored lessons from a qualified instructor, there is something for all ages and abilities.
From beginners to advanced, all can experience the thrill of riding a horse across the island, from forest tracks to deserted villages, from mountains to coastlines, all offering peace and tranquillity, in the heart of nature.

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